Why I’ve Said Goodbye to shelbohemian.com

I remember when I first created my blog.

I didn’t know what I wanted the focus to be and I had no guidance. I was a young college student and all I knew was that I wanted to write. I wanted to share stories about myself and give people a glimpse into my view of the world.

Now, if you’re an OG subscriber, you remember the days back when I used to go by “thatwonderwoman”.

Thatwonderwoman.com was a bit all over the place (kinda like I was at the time). There was no direction and no real brand. It was just pure passion.

I changed the name a few years back to shelbohemian.com because I had started building a brand as “shelbohemian” and that was who I wanted to be known as.

That name is me embodied and was well…cute. It is a mixture of my nickname, “Shelbo”, and the word “bohemian” because that is my style.

I was finding my freedom of expression at the time and wanted my website to reflect that. I wanted the blogs to be a little more vulnerable and a little more expressive. I wanted to dig deeper and convey different sides of myself. Shelbohemian.com was about me and my life.

However, I’ve realized that I want to now build a brand about others and not necessarily about myself. I want to still share my stories and my experiences, but I primarily want to hear from YOU now.

I want this to be YOUR website.

As I transition through different phases of my life, I learn a lot more. What I have learned in this phase is that it is far better to serve others than to serve myself. I’ve also realized that it’s better to share experiences amongst one another so we can build a better sense of community.

Bipolarnotbroken.com is a platform for people of color to communicate their feelings about their own mental health and the factors that affect it.

The name “Bipolar Not Broken” was created because of my experience with bipolar disorder. At times I felt lost and lonely as I suffered through manic or depressive episodes and felt like there was nobody that looked like me with whom I could talk.

A mental illness does not mean that you are “damaged” or “broken”. You can still be whole and your story can influence others to feel whole as well.

I will always be Shelbohemian. Same person, different website.

Let’s talk about our trauma and work through it together. Let’s fight like hell to normalize the discussion of mental health with people of color.

Let’s do this together.

I Would Love Some Feedback!

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