Elevate. Elevate. Elevate.

You ever thought about how an elevator works?

Is it not crazy that we literally walk into this little box, press a button, and just have faith and trust that the doors will shut and when they reopen, we’ll be at another level?

Why do we trust this little electric box to get us to our desired level when we can’t even see what’s happening once the doors close?

I started thinking and realized…is that not how our relationship with God works?

God is literally an “elevator”.

We get on this ride called life and just start pressing buttons hoping that when the doors close and we can’t see a way out, that we will still end up in a place higher than where we were.

That’s how faith works.

If you just get in the elevator and don’t press any buttons, you’re not going to go anywhere. You’ll be stagnant and remain on the same level.

My point?


God won’t just move you if you don’t make a move first. It is up to you to tell God what level you want to reach.

If you really want to start that business, write that book, lose that weight, do it!

Level up and elevate yourself.

Some of us are just standing there in the elevator, holding up the ride for someone else because we don’t trust that if we make a move, something will happen.

You know the old saying, “Either sh*t or get off the pot”? Well the new saying should be, “Either level up or get off the elevator.”

Stop wasting your time and BSing on your goals. Write it down and get to work.

Time waits on no one and neither will the people who are ready to make moves to the next level.


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