What is Bipolar Not Broken (BNB)?

BipolarNotBroken (BNB) is a site dedicated to educating and uplifting people of color that may be struggling with mental health issues or that may know someone struggling. 

I’m not bipolar. Should I still subscribe to BNB?

Of course! BNB is designed to focus on mental health in general. We give a platform to those suffering from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, addiction, etc. 

How did BNB get started? Who runs the page?

Shelby Lanette is an African American woman from Dallas, TX. Years ago, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She searched high and low for a place to feel comforted and to ask questions. She looked for a virtual home where there were other people that looked like her going through a similar struggle. She couldn’t find it so she decided to create it. Shelby is not a licensed therapist.

How can I be featured on the BNB’s instagram page?

Simply DM @bipolarnotbroken on instagram or email Shelby directly at shelbylanette@gmail.com. Include a photo of yourself at what you consider to be a low point along with the date of the photo. In addition, write up a short summary of what you were going through at that time and how you managed to recover.

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