Open House

You ever go to church and have one of those moments when the preacher is talking and then you look around like, “Who told Pastor my business?” I definitely had one of those moments yesterday.  For the past week and a half or so, I’ve been struggling with letting go. Letting go of unhealthy orContinue reading “Open House”

Break Every Chain

There’s this gospel song that I love by Tasha Cobbs entitled “Break Every Chain”. It’s been very relevant to especially my current life because I have so much going on. One day, I was in my car listening to the song when I realized that at the very beginning of the song (the extended version),Continue reading “Break Every Chain”

nobody’s perfect…

Happy New Year, everyone! Blessings to all of you guys and all of that good stuff! 😀 Now here’s a topic that’s very relevant right now: New Year’s Resolutions! Personally, I don’t do the whole resolutions things because I don’t believe in waiting to make a change or better myself. If there is something that GodContinue reading “nobody’s perfect…”