Break Every Chain

There’s this gospel song that I love by Tasha Cobbs entitled “Break Every Chain”.

It’s been very relevant to especially my current life because I have so much going on.

One day, I was in my car listening to the song when I realized that at the very beginning of the song (the extended version), she starts the song by saying “Come on! Use your key! Use your key!”

The irony.

A song called “BREAK Every Chain” is telling us to simply use a key to unlock the chains that imprison us.

How many of us are being weighed down and held captive by things in our lives that we actually have keys to unlock?

We spend so much of our time praying for God to release us from all of these agonizing things that are happening to and around us yet we never stop to separate the things we actually have control over vs the things we don’t.

What chain do you have wrapped around your ankle right now that you’ve been praying to be released? Are you actually holding the key?

Mind you, there are certain things that we really can’t control, but for those things that we can…what have you done?

Over the past couple of years, I’ve felt as though I’ve been betrayed, abandoned, or just simply hurt by some of the people that I’ve felt closest to. I’ve questioned God (silly me, right?) about why people I’ve loved so much and considered family and thought would be around for the long run would be capable of causing me pain.

Me, being the person that I am, do not let many of my emotions out.

I feel pain. I make myself stop feeling. I “move on” with my life.

The downside of this? The next time I feel pain, I cry out to God about how everyone leaves or how everyone takes advantage of my kindness. I then stop feeling and “move on”…AGAIN.

It’s a cycle that never ends.

Today though…today I had a moment of clarity. It’s not that people are causing me tremendous hurt. It’s that, over all of these years, I’ve been piling hurt on top of hurt, causing bitterness within me.

Chains were weighing me down and I kept adding more and more on. The whole time I have had the keys. I’ve needed to forgive and let go. I’ve needed to face these things head-on.

I may not be where I thought I would be or where I want to be, but I know that this is right where God wants me.

My biggest chain: people leaving. For so many years, I was a robot. I didn’t show emotion or let myself get attached because I didn’t want to know what it was like to feel a loss.

That was another chain: feeling.

Not admitting what your heart tells you is a waste of everyone’s time. It does nothing for anyone, but does everything to emotionally damage who you are.

Today, I have learned how to let people in…as well as let them go. I’ve also learned to make sure to do what I can to let them know every feeling that I have about them. I never want to be a robot again. I never want to have to live my life in a mystery box again. You never know what people need to hear or what supportive feelings they may need from you at the moment.

Now, don’t just think of this in a relationship aspect. This applies to friends and family members, as well.

Have you been in denial or living with chains for years? What can you do to help better yourself and release yourself of strains on your life?

Life does not have to be difficult, confusing, or spent without truly being whoever you are and doing what makes you happy.

Before you hurt yourself or pull something trying to break those chains, look over your situation and ask yourself, “Have I tried using my key?”

Stay fruitful. →

chain breaking


2 thoughts on “Break Every Chain

  1. I love that song. First time I heard it I was thinking about all those chains thathas fallen and more chains to fall

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