Fallen Stars

This post will be short and sweet. 

Here’s a poem I wrote a few days ago that I decided to share:

Fallen Stars

I once danced like two moons lay encrusted on my thighs

Light illuminating from the arches created by my shifting back

I once laughed into an abyss of tears

Powerful drops falling into the cupped hands clinching my sides

Liquids put in motion by the movement of love

“Peace, be still”

Maybe He wasn’t talking to the roaring ocean and tumultuous wind at all

Maybe the “still” meant that throughout all of the chaos, there “still” remained peace

I used to simply look in both eyes of another

Now I only see two

Two eyes to mine, two lips creating too much negative space

To guide the words out,

“You’ll always be number two”

Whether two girls after two months or too many kisses to another after two years

I’m now realizing that broken moons don’t turn into stars

The pieces lie there

Never decaying, never disintegrating

I once touched like grass grew beneath my every step

Life force erupting by my skips

I also once found myself

Mangled and trapped below the footprint of someone else


Two feet

One me

Too many lovers holding two hands

Too many steps forward to just now see the other two eyes looking back

Notions of “I should have kissed you” falling on a false target

Words that now lay dormant across bitter, unintentional actions

Love doesn’t stop the fall

It only captures each moment for the heart’s memory in lessons learned


Stay blessed, loves.

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