nobody’s perfect…

Happy New Year, everyone! Blessings to all of you guys and all of that good stuff! 😀

Now here’s a topic that’s very relevant right now: New Year’s Resolutions!

Personally, I don’t do the whole resolutions things because I don’t believe in waiting to make a change or better myself. If there is something that God has laid on your heart to change or improve upon, why must we wait to listen?

The only thing I will say is that I have vowed to myself to be more of myself consistently. Too many times have I found myself playing a role to conform more to the crowd I am around. Not that I am not being myself, but I have found that I am not 100% of me, 100% of the time.

I’ve come to the realization that high school is for laying the foundation of who you want to be, college is for working towards becoming that person, and post-grad life is when you really become yourself.

I was thinking the other day about how a lot of people are telling me how “different” I am now (not necessarily in a bad way). This is so funny to me because I always think, “Nah. This is the person I’ve always been.”

I think that the major problem I had with fully expressing myself the way I am capable of doing now is the impression that I was under throughout my years in school.

For one, I was always concerned about people questioning my faith. I stand strong in my walk with Christ and I’m not afraid to make that known. That being said, I also like to go out and have fun. I am a hippie and an artist so I believe in freely expressing myself in whatever forms I can.

Secondly, I never saw myself as anything special throughout my years at school. It was not until I graduated from college and came into my own that I discovered my true self and became comfortable enough to dress and style myself the way that I like. It was also then that I realized, upon meeting the people on the arts scene that I know now, that there really are people who appreciate me for who I am.

My only advice to you on this New Year’s Day is to not talk about working out more or things of temporary nature. My advice to you and wishes to you is that you take this day and decide to be the truest you that you can be. Ignore the wishes of others and take on being yourself (as long as it provides positivity into the world). Follow your dreams, follow your goals, follow your heart, but most of all: FOLLOW GOD. In Him, will you learn who He wants you to be and that’s how you will find who you truly are.

Here’s a poem I wrote a few years ago about us facing our real selves:


We lie there


Thoughts scattered across the floor like tiles pressed against the wall

Eyes curved and tilted

towards the moon




Hidden agendas that we never share

A feeble happiness that is shown but

not explored

Find my thoughts and you find me

Gazing at the ever-changing 

faces of our souls

But can you face me?

Not physically 

But emotionally

Why are we hiding from each other?


Stay blessed, my people.

IMG_3267 IMG_3283

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