That’s the Motto.

You know who I feel sorry for? Those who don’t take chances.

Why do we spend our lives living vicariously through others or afraid of our own political incorrectness?

Now, I’m not down with the whole YOLO (“You Only Live Once”), “let me see if I can try this and still live”, “let me play with fire and hopefully I won’t get burned” type of lifestyle, but I do try to live my life FOR ME (and God, of course).

Anyone that knows me, knows that my style is a bit different. I like to live life outside of the box. What fun is there in being like the person standing next to you??

When you die, what will people say about you, outside of your accomplishments? I don’t want to be the person who passes away and people can tell how I gave back, but have no interesting personal stories to share about me. I’m the type of person who likes to laugh and put myself out there.

What’s that one thing you’ve wanted to do forever, but you were too scared that it wouldn’t work out or that others would have something negative to say, so you didn’t try it? In that sense, I do agree with YOLO. You’re only on this earth once, so why not try to chase after your dreams?

Part of me is following one of my dreams just by writing this blog. I’ve always wanted a platform for people to listen to what nonsense I may have to say and this is helping me to achieve that. I could easily look dumb and think to myself, “No one cares what I have to say. No one reads my blog.” But then again…you’re sitting there reading this aren’t you? 🙂

All these thoughts just came rushing to me because I’m sitting here listening to “Fear” by Jazmine Sullivan. If you haven’t heard it, you NEED to take a listen. —–>

Throughout the song, she notes all the things she’s afraid of taking place. Not gonna lie, I think I love the song because I can relate to it so well. Sometimes I feel as though I undergo a lot of criticism, despite my good intentions. I have to look deep into myself and understand that those things don’t define me though. The people who ultimately decide who you are lie within you and the Higher Power.

Take that risk (if it is positive). Talk to that person you like. Perform that song you’ve been working on. Open that business for which you’ve been praying. Go after that job you’ve been wanting that’s out-of-state. Apply for that position you never thought you could get.

So what if you look silly in the end? You tried. I laugh at those who sit back, scared to divert from the strict path that’s been laid before them.

Of course, everything comes in God’s timing and you must be patient and pray for these things, but will you even be willing to step out on faith when God says “Yes”? I’ve been rereading the book of Luke, where Mary becomes impregnated with Jesus. When the Angel, Gabriel, told her of her impending pregnancy, she was scared and did not think she was initially ready, but God had already said it was so.

Are you sure that you have not already gotten the green light to live your life, but you’re too scared to take the next step necessary?

Don’t be afraid to be different and be who you are. Make your mark in history. Besides…who became a historical figure by being like everyone else? 😉

I’m awkward…and black.

3 thoughts on “That’s the Motto.

  1. I love it Shelbina Latina. I am so happy that you are being a revolutionary leader in a misguided society.

    Also, I am black…and awkward.

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