Who’s my sister’s keeper?

I like to think of myself as a fairly open book, but only open enough to have some discretion about myself.

I say this because a book that is completely open can’t stand without the support of hands. I’m open just enough to where you could prop me up and I can stand on my own by the spine of my book.

I’ll usually say things that bother me with no hesitation, but I think that this subject is one that is about to boil over inside of me. There is a grave battle between women, more specifically BLACK women.

After seeing Jackie tweet about this yesterday, I figured it was time to write about this issue.

Not gonna lie to you guys…if you know me, you know my short patience with the female specimen. Generally, women are moody, flaky, sensitive, indecisive, and/ or just capable of doing the most. Women also assume things, they take forever, and they are the first to say they’re “real” but never want to confront any issue head-on. Yet and still the question remains….


Now, I’m a pretty chill person. I’d rather have a night, sitting around with my friends, hanging out, opposed to going out all the time partying. That’s who I am. That’s who I’ve always been.

I’m the same when it comes to relationships and friendships. I’ve come to realize that when it comes to relationships with females, there is so much more work that needs to be involved.

Even with all of this said though, I do not knock females when I see them trying to do something positive. I am still willing to support anyone and believe it or not, I have a few close female friends.

One thing I learned from growing up in a house full of women (my mom, 2 sisters, and myself) was that sometimes it’s nice to just have the support of another woman.

So why do we mug each other, hate on each other, and berate one another?

I know that I’m notorious for making jokes about how “I don’t love these hoes” and you may ask, “Well, Shelby. Isn’t that berating females?”

If it makes you feel any better, I say it to females AND males. 🙂

Of course that doesn’t make it ok, but I like to think of myself as an equal opportunist.

ANYWHO…why are we like this though? Why do we feel the need to be rude to one another or judge each other so harshly?

If you have confidence, that’s cool. Be you. Just don’t walk into a room and talk down on everyone else there.

If you see a woman with a nice car, nice clothes, and a decent weave, why do we judge her and say, “Ugh…she think she’s cute.”

That woman never said that, but it makes me think that YOU must think she’s “cute” for you to be hating so hard.

All of us have experienced this: you get dressed up, thinking you look fly, not even trying to show off, and as soon as you start getting some attention, girls start looking at you crazy.

Now…there are those females that do the utmost, but look like the utleast. We’re not talking about them. We’re talking about the everyday woman.

Do you put your fellow woman down more than uplift her? Do you judge her struggles or hinder her confidence? Are you willing to actually help the next woman, opposed to just leaving her the way she is to have “something to talk about”?

These are all questions that I have to start asking
myself, as well. Be mindful of the people you have around you. I have definitely learned from experience that this greatly effects your perception of other women.

Within this past year, I have had too many basic issues, misunderstandings, and false judgments by/ with other females, be it family or friends. Where is the disconnect?

We as women must be willing to address issues and stop letting them fester and become bigger issues than they actually started as. That bitterness will eat away at you. This is me speaking from the heart.

If nobody is willing to take care of these issues, then who else will keep your sister?

One thought on “Who’s my sister’s keeper?

  1. WOW! So true though! Most females find it hard to compliment other females, instead they whisper, speak negatively about them, or just mug them. It takes so much to be “me”, that I don’t have time to allow jealousy to fester! The more time you spend doing “you” and being “you”, the more you will appreciate your classy and sassy sisters that set the example and set the paths in which we all walk.

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