Life’s a B****

Catchy title, huh? 

You guys know that I don’t curse, but I needed something to catch your attention. I HAVE to address this subject, even though it’s going to have some language or vulgarity that I never use, myself. What was your reaction when you saw that title? Was it this: 0.O or =/ or -_- ?? Good.

Do you remember that phrase, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? Well…that’s a bunch of BS. Words are powerful. They can build someone up or they can destroy them. 

Think about how many times the tongue or mouth is addressed in the Bible. God knew we would be stupid with what we said. In Proverbs 10:19-21 (The Message Bible), it says:

19 The more talk, the less truth; 
   the wise measure their words. 

 20 The speech of a good person is worth waiting for; 
   the blabber of the wicked is worthless. 

 21 The talk of a good person is rich fare for many, 
   but chatterboxes die of an empty heart.”

Now, back to this title of mine. Recently, I have noticed a crazy amount of usage of the phrase “Life’s a B****”. In Lil Wayne’s song “Bill Gates”, he says “Life’s a b****, but I appreciate her.” In Kanye’s song “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”, he says “Life is a b****, depending how you dress her.” In “Roman’s Revenge”, Eminem says that ” life is a dumb blonde white broad/With fake tits and a bad dye job.” 

Work with me for a second. Ladies, if a dude came at you and called you the b-word, how would you react? Guys, if you went up to a girl and called her that, what do you think she would do?? Not good, huh?

So why is ok to address life in this manner? If you call life names and talk about how crappy life is, do you think it’s going to get better?! Know the power of the words that you use. Please.

I just want you to do this last exercise with me. I’ll do it too. You don’t have to share this with anyone, but please try it.

I want you to name 3 things that you dislike about yourself (physical and/or non-physical). PLEASE TRY IT

You don’t have to share yours, but since this is my blog and my space to be open, I’ll share mine. The three things that I dislike about myself are: being mean, acne break-outs, and the lack of drive that I have in certain aspects of life. What were yours?

Now, think about all of those things that you said. Who told you that?? Who said that your hair wasn’t silky enough or that you were too chubby or that you weren’t smart enough or that you were too lazy to make it or that your dream was dumb? 

Words stick with us, even if we don’t realize it. So what have you told other people to hurt them? What have you said to make others think, “Dang…life’s a b****”?

One thought on “Life’s a B****

  1. Yea its important for people to understand how much they may hurt someone with knowing it. I’m still learning too, but thats so true that whenever people say negative things about you throughout your life, it is sure to affect you and make you dislike certain things about yourself. Well said.

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