Emotional Real Estate: Flip this Heart

I originally had a totally different topic about which I was going to write. I was completely motivated and excited, but then something changed.

I was texting a very close female friend of mine, who is like a sister to me (HEY GIRRRRL!! lol), about her current relationship. She is involved with a guy that she’s been with for years upon years. Sounds magical, right?

Well, here’s the catch: like the average couple, they have their ups and downs, but this dude…LIES. I know what you’re thinking. “Don’t all men lie?!” You are right and wrong. All men lie. All women lie too (stop fronting, ladies!). BUT some people lie more than others.

Anywho…during our conversation about her relationship, she sends me this text: “When do liars get old? You should blog about that.” Mind you, I’m sure she was not totally serious, but the topic seemed to trigger something very interesting.

If you know me or know anything about me, you know that I have been in a very committed relationship for over a year (♥ you, babe). Now, that doesn’t make me a relationship expert or anything, but I do know a thing or two.

Relationships are investments. I don’t mean in just a financial sense either (even though I know plenty of dudes that break plenty of bread). Above  all else, you must invest yourself emotionally.

Love is a risky stock. It can be the cash cow one day or the indebted dog the next. So ask yourself this, are the costs in your relationship outweighing the benefits? Is the person that you’re with demanding more than you can supply? Would your emotional stock be higher without this person around?

As humans, we tend to play the blame game a lot. So flip the script on yourself. Are YOU the one damaging your relationship and sabotaging your future?? Is your relationship all about you? If so, you may have some reconsidering to do about your actions.

Life is not meant to be lived unhappily. Find your peace. Find your happiness. Find your joy. Find you.

3 thoughts on “Emotional Real Estate: Flip this Heart

  1. I like the article so much that I wish it was longer. I can’t really ask you to make it too much longer since your too busy stealing my pictures off my computer so its cool. good stuff though. luv ya

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