Here’s a little knowledge for you young cats: Life does not always go the way you expect it or the way you plan it.

You know that five year plan you have (or that one you’ve been planning to make, but it’s still just floating around in your head)? 5 yJayden sleepingears from now, you’ll probably want something different. Don’t stress the things that don’t go your way.

A couple of days before Christmas, I found out that my father, whom I have not seen or really spoken to in almost a year and a half, would be attending my sister’s Christmas party on Christmas Eve. My mom and I were in the car (on our way to Allen outlets for their AMAZING sales) with my nephew discussing the idea of my dad coming to the party. Mid-conversation, my 3 year old nephew, Jayden, jumps in and says, “It’s not a big deal!

Even though he should have “stayed out of grown folks business”, as my mom always used to say, we let him have his moment to shine.

Smart kid, right?? Well…it got me thinking. He was right. Not to get all “preachy” on you guys, but I instantly thought about Matthew 18:4, which says “4Whoever will humble himself therefore and become like this little child [trusting, lowly, loving, forgiving] is greatest in the kingdom of heaven” (Amplified Bible).

That’s when it hit me: the more educated we become, the DUMBER we become. Children are the geniuses of common sense. They know best how to love, forgive, and not care about the negative things other people say about them. Kids are always the ones you see dancing in the middle of the floor in front of strangers with the biggest smile on their faces. Kids are the ones that get mad at their “best friend” and then share toys with them the next day.

Oh yeah…back to my story. So that day, my nephew kept saying “Shelby, it’s not a big deal!” He clearly did not fully understand what was going on, but he didn’t need to understand. I took on his mentality and the night of the party, I just kept telling myself, “Shelby, it’s not a big deal.” I had a beautiful time at the party (I was rocking my red lipstick like a champ) and even though things were a bit awkward and my dad and I did not really speak, it still was not “a big deal.”

The point of this post? It’s to tell you to have the heart and faith of a child, but not necessarily the mind of one. Immaturity is unattractive, but don’t be so mature that you forget how to humble yourself. From now on, when struggling with how to feel b/c life is throwing you curve balls, think “WHAT WOULD JAYDEN SAY?

now the title of this post makes sense, huh?  →

3 thoughts on “WWJS?

  1. Thanks for the reminder that living according to “our plan” will not bring us all “the wants and desires” we feel entitled to us. Life will no end up how we envision it. God has something greater and purposeful for the life we live. In the end, we have to stay faithful that He will provide us with all we ask, and be obedient. That is truth growth: maturing our habits (establishing good ones and breaking ineffective ones), and strength our walk with Him. Our plan will be changed so many times, but His plan for us doesn’t. All we have to do is listen and let it take shape.

  2. I love reading your blogs and keep em coming babe. That’s a really true issue because I try to do the same thing in life. We can all learn a lot from younger generations. Ill see you soon

  3. I absolutely LOVE your blogs. I was in your same situation last week. I visited my paternal grandfather in Detroit who i hadnt seen in 10 years (mind you i hadn’t seen my dad for that long as well and hadn’t spoken to him in over a year), but it started off as such an awkward experience. However, when i finally let go, stop thinking how my dad nor him was never there for me, and just enjoyed myself and just treated him and loved him like i love my other grandpa it turned out to be a really pleasant visit. So thank you for this blog (and i love the biblical reference)… keep them coming please 🙂

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