“Will pop-lock for spare change…”

ok. am i the only one that remembers when homeless people were humble and soft-spoken? you know, the kind that would say “God bless you“, even if you did not give them money? what happened to “the good ol’ days” when the most you had to do was wonder, “where the heck did that homeless person get that sharpie to write on that piece of cardboard??” or “where did he get that wheelchair/crutches to support his ONE leg?

i feel like homeless people of today are on a new level. for instance, a couple of days ago, i was in the drive-thru of taco bell with my bf. i’m getting ready to drive up to the window to pick up my food, when out of nowhere a homeless guy appears and walks IN FRONT of my car. He goes up to the window and gets the attention of the taco bell worker (we’ll call the worker “oscar” from now on b/c he looked like an “oscar” and mostly so i won’t have to keep typing “taco bell worker”). “Oscar” then tells the homeless guy that he can’t come through the drive-thru asking people for money. the homeless guy says that he was not trying to ask anyone for money, but he wanted a “five straight” (yes…this is a direct quote) in exchange for his five one-dollar bills.

mind you, i’m still sitting in my car, waiting to get my two regular soft tacos (with extra hot sauce). i lean over to my bf and then say “babe, is that BLOOD all over that homeless man’s shirt?” of course the response is, “yes.” *insert face of disgust here*

i then realized that the homeless guy had a band-aid on his face and there was blood coming from the large cut that he was trying to cover…with a band-aid. (i know. i know. i’m curious about how he got the band-aid too.) “Oscar” then asks the homeless guy about the cut. his response: “oh…i just cut myself. nothing big. it’s just a LITTLE cut. that’s why i’m trying to get a $5 bill so i can take the train to the hospital. but yeah…it’s just a little cut though.”


*blank stare*


you have BLOOD all over your shirt! a LITTLE cut?!

long story short, “Oscar” says he can’t give him the money and what does the homeless guy do (this is the part that tripped me out)? he yells, “AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” really loud at the drive-thru window and then falls out hysterically laughing. no “God bless you.” just a scream and laughter.

homeless guy leaves, i get my food, then as i’m driving back down mockingbird, i see this dude AGAIN. what is he doing now?? POP-LOCKING in the middle of the street…in front of this man’s BRAND NEW BEAMER. homeless guy even touches all over dude’s car while he’s dancing.

i decide to get out of there before anything else could happen.

*deep sigh*…homeless people of today. you make the world go ’round.

2 thoughts on ““Will pop-lock for spare change…”

  1. Yep I was there to witness this and I could not have told a better summary of what happened. Hilarious stuff:)

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